Trisha Cottrell

Trisha Cottrell

Suspect In Triple Slaying: Wife 'Got What She Deserved'

POSTED: 6:01 pm EST November 17, 2005
A man charged with killing his wife and his two stepdaughters said to reporters Thursday that his spouse "got what she deserved."Chad A. Cottrell's comment came as officers led him into a courthouse, where a hearing was held over prosecutors' intention of filing for the death penalty in the case, RTV6's Jeremy Brilliant reported.

Prosecutors allege that Cottrell, 35, killed his wife, Trisha Cottrell, 29, and her daughters, Brittany Williams, 12, and Victoria Williams, 10, in late October after he molested the girls. The three were found shot to death in their Rockville-area home.

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As he exited a police vehicle that brought him to the courthouse Thursday, Cottrell called his wife a name that RTV6 chose not to reveal.Seconds later, after someone asked him whether he deserved the death penalty, he said, "She got what she deserved."Cottrell faces murder charges.

In court documents, prosecutors listed the following aggravating factors that they say support their pursuit of the death penalty for Cottrell: that he committed more than one murder; that one victim was under the age of 12; and that he killed his stepdaughters after molesting both of them.

Parke County Sheriff Charles Bollinger said Thursday that investigators have physical evidence that Cottrell molested the girls.During a preliminary court hearing two weeks ago, authorities said Cottrell shot the three and then told a 6-year-old boy who overheard the noise that he had shot three deer.The unidentified boy told police that Brittany and Cottrell were arguing before the shootings, according to a probable cause affidavit signed by Bollinger.

Cottrell was arrested in central Minnesota Nov. 1 after he failed to pay for fuel at a service station and was chased by police.

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