Alejandro Chamorro, Sr.

Alejandro Chamorro, Sr.

Teen admits killing family

Posted: Mar 03, 2010 6:54 AM EST

Jeremy Brilliant

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March 25 update:

The Whitestown teen facing murder charges the deaths of his father, his father's girlfriend and his own twin brother admitted during questioning that he killed his family.

In court documents, investigators also say Barney Chamorro told them he took his father's girlfriend's car after the killings last month.

Chamorro faces charges of murder, burglary, robbery, theft and auto theft.

Relatives say Chamorro recently lost his job and his father threatened to send him back to their native Nicaragua.

Original story:

Boone County - The teenager accused of killing three family members, then fleeing to Texas, is now in custody in Indiana. Police say 19-year-old Barney Chamorro murdered his father, twin brother and stepmother last week. The bodies were discovered in their Whitestown home last Friday.

Four days after Chamorro was captured in Texas, he was returned in shackles to Boone County.

His right hand was bandaged. Police say he sustained the injury during the murders. Investigators say he killed his twin brother Alejandro Junior, his 51-year-old father Alejandro and his 55-year-old stepmother Judy Schindler.

"My sister and I spoke numerous times during the week; we emailed constantly, thank God, and there was no indication whatsoever that anything was wrong," said Charlene Horne, Judy Schindler's sister.

Five days after the bodies were found inside the Whitestown home, the property remained cordoned off. Officers continued collecting evidence in their case against the teenage suspect.

Police would not comment about the direction of the investigation but they say the public should not be fearful since a suspect is in custody.

"I would not say that there are other suspects around. But there may be other personnel that have knowledge of what transpired," said Chief Dennis Anderson, Whitestown Police Department. He added: "We really have no clue as to why somebody would do what he did, or what he's alleged to have done...anything beyond that would just be speculation."

While police won't speculate about a motive, some family members say they have an idea. They say Barney and his father had recently argued. They say the 19-year-old had recently lost his job and gotten into some trouble and that his father wanted to send him back to his native Nicaragua.

"He first said he wanted to go back but then he changed his mind. And that's when this happened. You know, he spoke to my uncle and he said, 'Oh, I should go back,' and my uncle said, 'I think you should, too,'" said Jorge Chamorro, a cousin.

Members of the Chamorro family came from Miami after they learned of the murders earlier this week. They are dealing not only with the loss of two relatives but knowing that a family member is accused of killing them.

"It's very tough," said Rosario Chamorro, Alejandro Sr.'s sister and Barney Chamorro's aunt. "We never thought a son would do something like that to his own father. My brother made a great sacrifice to become a citizen and to bring his son here for a better life. He never thought that he brought his own death."

Investigators say they didn't ask Barney Chamorro questions during their trip back to Indiana and he didn't volunteer any information.

Chamorro is scheduled to make his first court appearance Thursday in Boone County. He faces three preliminary counts of murder and is being held without bond.

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