Alejandro Chamorro, Jr.

Triple killing suspect in local jail

March 04, 2010 by Robert Annis | Star staff

Aunt: Family plan to send man back to Nicaragua might have angered him

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Family members believe the 19-year-old immigrant accused of killing his twin brother, his father and his father’s common-law wife might have been upset because the family wanted to send him back to Nicaragua.

Boone County police returned with Barney Jose Chamorro early Wednesday. He was arrested in Texas on Saturday, the day after officers found the bodies of Judy Schindler, Alejandro Chamorro Sr. and Alejandro Chamorro Jr. in the family’s Whitestown home.

Chamorro faces three preliminary counts of murder and is being held in Boone County Jail in Lebanon.

“We’re saddened by the events that have taken place but are glad to be able to make an apprehension as quickly as we were,” said Whitestown Police Chief Dennis Anderson at a news conference in Zionsville.

“Whitestown is a small community; things like this normally don’t happen here,” he said.

Rosario Chamorro, Alejandro Chamorro Sr.’s younger sister, said he told her Barney Chamorro had recently disappeared for four days after getting a $1,000 tax return. Rosario Chamorro thought Barney had gone on a drug binge with the cash.

Barney Chamorro recently lost his job at the Zionsville Burger King, as well as his driver’s license. Relatives said Alejandro Chamorro Sr. had decided to send him back to Nicaragua.

“We never thought a son could do something like that to his father,” Rosario Chamorro said. “His father made great sacrifices bringing him to this country.”

Charlene Horne, Judy Schindler’s sister, said Schindler never indicated her home life was troubled, though they spoke several times a week.

Police homed in on Barney Chamorro as the main suspect fairly quickly. He was missing when officers discovered the bodies, and a witness placed him at the scene within hours of the slayings. When police in Texas discovered him, he was sleeping in one of the victims’ vehicles at a Texas rest stop.

Investigators say they found physical evidence in the vehicle, which is being brought back to Indiana.

Anderson said Chamorro was quiet during the return trip to Indiana and didn’t say much to officers. Anderson declined to comment on whether police were searching for additional suspects but said they might be seeking a person of interest who knew more about the crimes.

Anderson expected to file a report with the Boone County prosecutor’s office today.

Rosario Chamorro, Miami, planned to take her brother’s and nephew’s bodies back to Nicaragua for burial.

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