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Mom Who Killed Her Four Children Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial

Published May 17, 2007

In Goshen, Indiana on November 13, 2006, Angelica Alvarez was found at her house with a faint pulse next to the bodies of her four children. Alvarez's children, 8-year-old Jennifer Lopez, 6-year-old Gonzalo Lopez Jr., 4-year-old Daniel Valdez and 2-year-old Jessica Valdez, were all strangled to death in the basement of their Elkhart home.

Today, May 16,2007, as reported by the Associated Press, Elkhart Circuit Judge, Terry Shewmaker has ordered that Alvarez be committed to the Division of Mental Health to see that if in the near future that she could stand trial. Judge Shewmaker has asked that the determination be within three months. Alvarez cannot be tried until she is ruled competent.

Judge Shewmaker also went to say, that his decision was based on the three court-appointed psychiatrists as well as his own observations of Angelica Alvarez in the courtroom. Attorney for Angelica Alvarez, Juan Garcia Jr. stated to reporters that he had been pleased with the outcome of the ruling. He also went to say, ``I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought the judge could have gone either way,''. Alvarez went on and explained that the test for competency is whether a defendant can assist in his/her defense, and whether or not he/she understands the proceedings,as reported by the Associated Press.

During the court proceedings, one psychiatrist said that Angelica Alvarez could do both, one determined that she could do neither and the other said that she understood the proceedings and what was going on but she could not assist in her defense.

"She has no emotion one way or the other," said Martha Williams, who lives directly behind Alvarez's former home. "I think she must have had a history of being ill to do something like that." as reported by WSBT.

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