Watasha Kenyata Clark

Watasha Clark

Man Fatally Shot Mother Of His Child

Witnesses: Man Seen With Victim After Shooting

POSTED: 4:30 pm EDT June 21, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS -- A man was arrested Saturday morning following a shooting that killed the mother of his child.

Police were called to an apartment in the 6600 block of Eagle Pointe Drive South, on Indianapolis' northwest side, just before 4 a.m.

Indianapolis Metro police officers said they found Watasha Clark, 29, outside an apartment suffering from a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chris Gordon, 29, was seen running from the apartments, police said. He was arrested a short time later and is expected to be charged with murder.

Police said witnesses saw Gordon with Clark after the shooting. Officers found a gun they believe was used in the shooting.


Indianapolis - A family is hoping to toughen up Indiana law regarding domestic violence after their daughter's murder.

Sandra Radford's daughter, 29-year-old Watasha Kenyata Clark, was shot to death on June 21st. Clark's boyfriend, 29-year-old Chris Gordon, was charged with her murder. Her parents say there was a history of abuse.

"He had my daughter's hair, her ponytail in one hand and a pistol in the other hand and was dragging her down the alley. He had struck her with the pistol and broke her nose. He left the scene. Police arrived and said well he's not on the scene there is nothing we can do. She doesn't want to press any charges. She was scared of him," said Radford.

"There were times when he's run her off the road and my son was in the car with her," said Clark's father, Ronald Radford.

The Radfords are petitioning the state of Indiana to change its law to better protect victims of domestic violence.

"We know the victims are scared, brainwashed. Family members and friends that see this abuse. We need to be able to press charges without the consent of the victim," said Ann Delaney, Julian Center executive director.

However, Delaney says creating a new law won't solve the problem. She says the policy the Radfords are looking for is already in place and that charges can be pressed without the victim's consent or testimony. But Delaney says without that testimony it's hard to build a case.

"Because even if you get to a jury with that, the jury looks at it and says, well, she didn't care about prosecuting him so why should we care about locking him up?" Delaney said.

Police records show Clark had a restraining order against Gordon. Gordon has a lengthy arrest record, and a conviction in 2001 for shooting one of Clark's family members in the head.

"If all of this information was available to the road officers, his prior conviction, this testimony from the family member about pointing the gun at them and all of that, then the officer should have taken action," said Delaney.

After responding to multiple domestic disturbances involving the same victim over the course of ten years, the last police report on record with Clark's name now reads homicide.

"I can't save my daughter now. My daughter is gone. But I do want to be able to save other parents from losing a child," said Sandra Radford.

Call 317-327-1211 to report domestic violence to Indianapolis Metro police.

Shattering the Silence - Learn how you can get help for yourself or someone else who is facing a domestic violence situation.

Susan Snedeker

Three dead in Argos in apparent murder-suicide

Tragedy strikes the small town of Argos

November 6, 2007

Police say 39-year-old Terry Snedeker shot and killed his wife, 36-year-old Susan; and 19-year-old daughter, Shayla, before turning the gun on himself.

The bodies were found around 6:00am Monday morning by the Snedeker's 12-year-old son, who was waking up to go to school.

Police say the couple had been in the process of getting a divorce for about a month now. Police say they had been called to the house in the 14000 block of Michigan numerous times, but for small domestic incidents, and nothing that would have indicated something like this would happen.

Those who knew the family are in complete shock.

“It’s not how it should have ended,” said Dustin Younger, a former co-worker of Susan Snedeker. Younger says he came to the house as soon as he heard something had happened.

Even though police and friends say they knew there were marital problems, they say there were no signs this would happen; despite a bold statement on a sign on the side fence of the home, reading:

“No trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.”

“Last time I was here it was all good. It didn’t seem like they had any problems or anything. Came over here to get my tools, and stuff, we were all sitting in the garage and talking,” Younger said.

“Our officers have been here for civil process, and those types of thing. We’ve had some interaction with the family, but nothing that would give us any indication,” said Detective/Lieutenant Ward Byers of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

…Any indication that the lives of a wife and her 19-year old daughter might be in danger.

Shayla was a 2007 Argos High School grad, and played softball while in school. Friends say she worked at a pizza place in Plymouth, while attending Ancilla College.

Younger says he had known Susan since he moved to the area a few years ago.

“We were really close. She was like a second mother to me. She did things for me if I needed something she’d help me with it. And if she needed something I’d help her,”

Younger says Terry had previously worked at Hoosier Tire, and believes he was on sick leave after recently losing a toe after being bit by a brown recluse.

Police say the only remaining member of the family, the couple’s 12 year old son, is in safe hands.

“He’s with other family members. He’s been taken from the home and he’s safe with other family members right now,” Byers said.

Police say they haven’t seen any evidence yet that goes against that theory of this being a double homicide suicide.

The only good news they have for the town of Argos is that, because this appears to be a domestic dispute, no one else in town should have any feeling of being in danger.

In the small town of Argos news traveled very fast Monday morning. Counselors were on hand at Argos High School to help any grieving students.


Susan M. Korp Snedeker Date of Death 11/5/2007

ARGOS — Susan M. Korp Snedeker, 36, of Argos, died Monday, Nov. 5.  She is survived by a son, Brennen Snedeker of Argos; parents, Paul and Catherine (Jones) Korp of Puryear, Tenn.; and a brother, Paul (Wendy) Korp Jr. of Knox; and a niece, Sarah Korp of Knox.

Visitation is Thursday, Nov. 8 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the M.C. Smith Funeral Home, Knox Funeral services are Friday, Nov. 9 at 11 a.m. at the funeral home. Burial will take place at Crown Hill Cemetery, Knox.

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Jamitra Mitchell

Jamitra Mitchell

Man found guilty in young mother's shooting death

Posted: Jun 18, 2008 11:33 AM EDT 

Marion County - An Indianapolis man learned his fate Wednesday in his bench trial for a 2007 fatal shooting. Prosecutors say Jeffrey Whitsey, 19, fired the gun that killed a mother of three in her new apartment.

After his bench trial, Judge Patricia Gifford found Jeffrey Whitsey guilty of two counts of murder.

Whitsey says he is not guilty of shooting Jamitra Mitchell and her unborn son dead in March 2007.

"I heard gunshots too. I ran too. I don't know what's going on," he said. "I never had a gun."

But minutes after Judge Gifford delivered a guilty verdict, Mitchell's brother and stepfather hugged outside the courtroom. Her mother spoke for the family.

"My daughter, she died for nothing, for something stupid he did. So justice was served today," said Lillie Vaughn-Butler.

She said her daughter's death "has broken us apart. She has three small babies that still talk about her and wonder where their mother is. It really has destroyed our family."

The shooting happened March 31, 2007, around 11:00 pm. Mitchell and her three children, ages five, four and two, moved into Amber Woods Apartments the same day of the shooting.

"She wanted something better for her children. She thought Amber Woods Apartments would be better," said Vaughn-Butler.

Prosecutors say during a fight between two people on the basketball court, Whitsey opened fire. A bullet entered Mitchell's apartment, striking her in the head.

Both Mitchell's family and prosecutors say Whitsey had nothing to do with the fight and should have never come out with a gun.

"There was no reason for him to take out a gun to start chasing and shooting at two of the individuals who were involved in the fight," said David Wyser, Marion County deputy prosecutor.

"I am a little surprised. We disagree with the verdict but that is what the appeals process is for," said Kelly Bauder, Whitsey's attorney.

"Now I got to fight this on an appeal to come back and try to beat this case," said Whitsey.

Whitsey faces more than 100 years in prison when he's sentenced on July 2nd. Prosecutors have not decided on how much time they will ask the judge to give him.

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