Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews

Wife charged with murder in shooting, fire

Dottie Andrews set fire in garage before shooting estranged husband and his dog, police documents say

June 23, 2009

NASHVILLE — Dottie Andrews told a police detective that she shot her estranged husband once with a .25-caliber handgun early Friday morning.

Then, when he continued breathing, she shot him again.

Tuesday afternoon, Brown County Prosecutor Jim Oliver charged the 40-year-old woman with murder, arson and burglary.

She is accused of setting a fire at the Brown County home she once shared with her husband, breaking into the residence and then killing 44-year-old Robert Andrews as he slept.

She then put the man’s dog up on the bed and shot it dead as well.

The accused killer told police she intended to then kill herself, but the gun jammed.

From her bed at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, where she is recovering from burns and smoke inhalation, she told Indiana State Police Detective Jeff Deckard she tried to carry the dog from the house, was overcome by the fire and then ran out and called 911.

After the blaze was extinguished, a sheriff’s deputy found her lying in a three-sided chicken coop near the house at 7880 Whispering Pines Drive in northern Brown County.

She had filed for divorce April 7.

She also was granted a restraining order against her husband in May, alleging he had been threatening toward her in the past.

A notebook found inside her red Chevrolet Blazer at the scene of the shooting was open to a page with the following words written on it: “I will see you in hell. The things you have done to me, not only cheating on me, but beating me up and raped me too, you sick freak.”

According to Deckard’s account of interviews with Dottie Andrews, the couple’s 20-year marriage had ended badly.

They had been living apart for more than 18 months.

She told Deckard she drove to the Whispering Pines subdivision about three miles north of Helmsburg last Thursday evening and parked down the road from her former home. She watched her husband grill his dinner and drink beer outside. She waited for an hour after the lights had gone out, then broke a window and entered the residence.

She told Deckard she looked at her husband’s cell phone and discovered that hours earlier he had called “some people he had promised that he wouldn’t communicate with,” according to an affidavit filed in the case. “‘She said this made her furious.”

She went to the garage and set a fire, then returned to the house.

“She said she went into Robert’s bedroom where he was asleep and shot Robert with a .25-caliber handgun,” the affidavit said. “He continued to breathe, and she shot him again.”

Her relatives said she had been living in Indianapolis the past few months with her sister.

They reported that Robert Andrews had been calling and threatening her two or three times a day, in violation of the protective order granted in Brown Circuit Court.

Dottie Andrews remains hospitalized in police custody. Oliver said she will be transported to the Brown County Jail in Nashville and held without bond when she is released.

She was listed in critical condition last Friday. Tuesday, hospital officials would not release information about her condition.

Oliver said she is expected to recover and return to face the charges against her.


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