Randy J. Woodyard

Randy J. Woodyard

Man Dead After Girlfriend Stabbed Him During Fight

Sister Found Man's Body

POSTED: 7:10 am EST December 24, 2008

A man was stabbed to death by his girlfriend when the couple got into a fight, police said.

Randy J. Woodyard, 43, was pronounced dead just after 2:30 a.m., said Sgt. Matthew Mount. His sister found his body inside at home at 1137 S. Keystone Ave.Police said Woodyard had been staying at the address for a couple of days with his girlfriend, Kelly J. Pappas, 38.

She was later found at 1030 Churchman Ave., where she was arrested and preliminarily charged with murder.

Mount said the couple had gotten in a fight and that Pappas had stabbed Woodyard in the chest.


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