Jeremy K. Gibson

Jeremy K. Gibson (with unknown child)

Three Charged In Killing Poured Acid Over Body, Police Say

Man's Body Found Last Week In Shallow Grave

POSTED: 7:28 am EDT July 14, 2011

LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Newly filed court documents allege that three people charged in the slaying of a Lafayette man poured acid on his body to try to prevent authorities from identifying him.

The Journal & Courier reported that a probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday in a Tippecanoe County court supporting charges against the trio also allege that the suspects killed Jeremy K. Gibson, 26, by beating him with an ax or a shovel.

Carolann R. Clear, 20, Darren J. Englert, 20, and Antonio Williams, 25, were formally charged Wednesday with murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges in Gibson's death.

All three had been staying with Gibson in his downtown Lafayette apartment, and Clear had been dating him.

Police found Gibson's body Friday in a shallow grave near the north-central Indiana town of Montmorenci.

Some neighbors said they had heard Gibson had been fighting with Englert, Williams and Clear over a woman.


July 8, 2011 - A body found in a freshly dug grave in Tippecanoe County is believed to be that of a man police said they suspect was killed by three acquaintances.

Jeremy K. Gibson, 26, was reported missing Wednesday. The body was found at 8:30 p.m. Thursday in a field in the northwestern part of the county, police said.

"We believe these are the remains of Mr. Gibson. However, a final determination will be made by the coroner," said Lafayette police Capt. Bruce Biggs.


Anonymous said...

they said Jeremy died July 12, 2011 but they found his body 8th wtf people get ur facts straight

Anonymous said...

Darren is innocent some people say he was the master mind behind this whole murder but to let you know Darren isn't even the master mind behind tying his own shoes just so you know... people think that Darren is going to get to see his kid their wrong he is going to be in prison for 25 to 60 years he is in the same boat as Jeremy i mean Darren's alive of course but he's not going to get to see his family either.... If you really want to know who was the master mind behind this whole murder it is Antonio Williams if you look at it he has a violent history. What does Darren have a trespassing and a eviction come on now you tell me who's idea it was. what they did to Jeremy was wrong yeah a mans life was lost but your blaming people that had nothing to do with it like Darren, Antonio's, and Carolann's friends they didn't know they were going to kill him... so why be mad at them its not their fault.... Antonio's a dumb ass we know .. Darren is taking responsibility for what he did and who knows about Carolann ..... my best regards to the Gibson family

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted above me. You're so retarded, acting like you know anything at all about the case. I'm sure the police are doing their jobs right and wouldn't arrest him unless he had something to do with it. You are a horrible person for even saying this Darren guy is in the same boat as Jeremy. Darren is a murderer and deserves everything he gets and more!

Anonymous said...

are you serious that is pothedic if he wasnt a part he wouldnt haave had sex with crystal in the back seat

Anonymous said...

Were you there? You don't know what anyone is capable of. So how you can defend this person beggars belief. You weren't there,all three equally responsible simple as

Anonymous said...

Were you there? You don't know what anyone is capable of. So how you can defend this person beggars belief. You weren't there,all three equally responsible simple as

Janet Hopkins said...

OMGosh, how old are you people? You're behaving as if you were actually there!!!! There is one(young) innocent DEAD man, Jeremy, and THREE suspects. Count 'em, THREE. If only ONE of these THREE people had "manned up", there would be NO DEAD MAN. With three against ONE, Jeremy never had a chance. But for the fact that not ONE of these, uhmmmm, MEN, spoke up, they are all now EQUAL participants in Jeremy's murder. If only ONE of them had spoken up, they could have changed the facts of history forever. The fact that GOD has chosen to expidite justice for one of those three little boys involved only means that one of them went to hell a bit sooner than the other two. GOD DOES work in mysterious ways, doesn't he now......

Anonymous said...

eye for a eye, all 3 should be killed, and fuck there family, let them mourn them like jeremy's is mourning his, eye for a eye, yall are too soft now a days

Anonymous said...

one DEAD, and I love it, one in the slammer for 80 YEARS, who now services his Aryan pals with sexual favors but oh yeah "he ain't guilty", a true monster with no remorse and then there's CaroLAnn in for 45 YEARS, who gives new meaning to the definition of "skank whore". Perhaps the last two will die in prison as well which would be a wonderful thing. I have no sympathy for any of them and none deserve forgiveness...and oh yeah Mr. Aryan Bitch, God wont save you because he doesn't exist you fucking idiot. Your on your own Pally

Anonymous said...

Actually they are only serving half their sentence. So Darren will be out in 36 years and Carol in around 20. So around middle age for them. Contrary to what you have seen on TV the Aryans don't condone homosexual activities, at least they don't in Indiana. If he was giving sexual favors to anyone it would be a black guy or someone who isn't affiliated and is just gay like big panties. I know Jeremy is suppose to have some connection to the Aryans through family or something, but they still wouldn't have sex with him. They would just beat his ass or more likely just make him order commissary for them.

Stan said...

Check the DOC website for projected release dates.
Release can be delayed based on behavior while incarcerated.

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