Mardale Totten

Stabbing was self-defense; man ID'd

Police believe the stabbing was the result of a domestic dispute

September 28, 2009

Fort Wayne Police said the fatal stabbing of a city man at 4 a.m. Saturday by a woman he knew was inflicted in self-defense, although ruled the city's 16th homicide.

The woman, who had been taken into custody after police said she stabbed 30-year-old Mardale Totten in the neck at an apartment at 708 Oaklawn Court, in Chapel Oaks complex, was interviewed, then released without being charged, according to Office Roy Sutphin of the Fort Wayne Police Department.

“We don't release people when we know they killed somebody,” said Sutphin. “And we just don't release people who could be a danger to the public.”

After interviewing several witnesses and the woman, Sutphin said police believe the stabbing was the result of a domestic dispute between Totten, who has a prison record for violence, and the woman. What the domestic dispute exactly entailed, Sutphin would not comment.

“The investigation is ongoing, but for the moment, until proven otherwise, we're going on the aspect that it was along the lines of self-defense,” Sutphin said.

Totten's death was ruled the city's 16th homicide of 2009 by the Allen County Coroner's Office.

On Saturday, police responding to the Oaklawn Court address found Totten unconscious and bleeding. He was treated at the scene before being rushed to a local hospital, where he later died.

Sutphin said that because the woman has not been charged with any crime, police are not required to release her name.

When Totten was 18, he was convicted of stabbing his uncle, Marquas K. Smith, to death in 1997. He served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for aggravated battery before being released in 2008, according to the Indiana Department of Corrections.


public enemy number 9 said...

Even tho he had a record for violence them charges he had was him defending his self!! He served time like a man It seem like they saying he deserved it!! He was a father a brother a son a uncle and had turned his life around, We as man argue with are kids mom no matter the raise or record we have!!! They left him outside to die,He had a son not even one at the time. mardale was a great dad to his son And had pride as a man which probley what started the argument then the police get whiteness that are all related to the murderer so of course they came up with a self defense story wtf is justice did it get killed as well so we take law into our own hands if so set free the others charged with murder who felt threatened and wanted to protect there self sutphin u peace of shit what if that happened to your family would u let that person go hmm I doubt it revenge is mine said the Lord so you all have sinned rip to the great mardale Totten and may he rest in peace he is now free from hate and racsim

public enemy number 9 said...

the man mardale killed touched on kids and him as well as a child then tried to continue it when he was older!!! Nobody want there kids touched on to some of the victims Marcus mellested they say mardale is there hero because he would have continued to ruin little kids dreams bet u ain't know that Hun sutphin???????????????

Anonymous said...

Was he your brother? Your mother or father must have told him these things.. I feel in my spirit justice won't get served but karma will find the WOMAN who purposely killed him.

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