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Man Charged With New Albany Double Murder

(NEW ALBANY, Ind., October 10th, 2004, 6:00 p.m.) -- Family members say rage over his grandmother's new boyfriend may have caused a southern Indiana man to snap this week. Casey Brown is charged with two counts of murder after police found Nancy Young and Will Slone dead in Young's New Albany apartment. WAVE 3 Investigator James Zambroski has the story.

"What motivates anyone to do something of that nature, especially kill somebody, I don't really know," said New Albany Police Chief Merle Harl.

New Albany Police continue to investigate what went on inside a Willow Run apartment this weekend. Nancy Young and her boyfriend, Will Stone, were found murdered off Grant Line Road.

"After trying the door, Sgt. Miller was trying to gain entry into the apartment by going through a window. That's when a young man came to the door and wanted to know what they were doing, what they wanted," said Chief Harl.

That man, police say, was Casey Brown, Young's 24-year-old grandson.

"When he was asked where Miss Young was at, he said he didn't know. He said come on in and check. The sergeant went in, realized he had a crime scene, possible homicide. Came back out, handcuffed the individual," said Chief Harl.

Casey Brown is charged with two counts of murder. He faces arraignment on Monday. Brown's cousin says he may have just snapped.

"My uncle, you know, pampered him, you know, until he died. And when my uncle died, he was just crushed. He was just crushed. And he just couldn't accept that, another man being with his grandmother," said Curtis Young, Nancy Young's nephew.

As the family gathered for an annual reunion picnic planned weeks ago, they shared fond memories of their departed loved one.

"When we cooked, she'd smell the food cookin' and come over and knock on the door and say, 'Well, where's mine?' and get her a plate or something," said James Young, Brown's cousin.

"We had a restaurant; I'm a chef by profession. She would come there and try to cook. She couldn't cook a lick," remembered Curtis Young about his cousin Nancy.

Meanwhile, New Albany Police continuing putting it all together. So far, Brown has not made a statement to police.

"He has interviewed, they interviewed him for a lengthy amount of time yesterday, about three hours, and he never admitted to anything," said Chief Harl.

Casey Brown is being held in the Floyd County Jail pending arraignment on Monday.

The double homicide is the second in New Albany in three weeks. On September 16th, police say Kerry C. Wilson escaped from a Louisville halfway house and murdered Vicki Hunt, his ex-girlfriend and her friend, DaJuan Clark.

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