Heather Norris

Heather Norris

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Posted: April 12, 2010

Gov. Mitch Daniels plans to hold a ceremonial signing for a bill designed to encourage schools to address dating violence.The so-called "Heather's Law" was enacted during the past legislative session and is named after Heather Norris of Indianapolis. The 20-year-old Norris was murdered by her estranged high school boyfriend in 2007. He was sentenced to 68 years in prison.

The law requires the Indiana Department of Education to develop dating violence educational materials, and model dating violence response and reporting policies.

The department must make the models available by July 1, 2011, to assist schools with the implementing dating violence education programs and policies for grades six through 12.

The ceremonial signing is set for this afternoon in the governor's office.

See the website for Heather here.

Indy Police Release Gruesome Details Of Woman's Death

Police: Man Stabbed, Burned, Dismembered Estranged Girlfriend

POSTED: 4:55 pm EDT May 28, 2007

Indianapolis Metro police released new details Monday about what they called an especially violent homicide.Detectives said Joshua Bean, 23, admitted to fatally stabbing his estranged girlfriend, Heather Norris, 20, (pictured) and cutting up her body.Investigators said Bean told them he burned Norris' body and separated her remains into as many as 10 plastic trash bags, disposing of those bags in the trash bins of several businesses on Indianapolis' south side.

Norris, the daughter of a civilian employee of IMPD, was reported missing April 24, less than two weeks after police said they believe she was killed. Investigators said they think Norris went to Bean's home on the city's far-east side on or before April 13, when they believe she was stabbed, burned and dismembered." It was a full, detailed confession, including every step that he took to not only dispose of the body, but also covering up the crime scene," said IMPD Detective Todd Lappin.

Bean had recently moved into the home. A neighbor told 6News' Jack Rinehart that he had a conversation with Bean about building a fire pit and getting rid of the plastic bags." He had stuff in a truck -- cardboard and stuff. I never looked at it," said Marvin McClain. " He said, 'I'm going to different places and getting rid of the cardboard.'" Police said Norris and Bean had a three-year relationship marked by several domestic violence calls to police. Bean was to have gone on trial next week in a case in which he allegedly gave Norris a concussion in November 2006.
Joshua Bean

Heather was your typical picture of a battered woman who would continuously go back," said IMPD homicide Detective Leisia Moore. Norris' family is having difficulty coping with her death." I'm hoping that the community will help," said Lt. Teresa Deal, Norris' cousin. " I'm sure that they will if they can in attempting to locate Heather's remains. The family does need that for closure."

Investigators are looking for Norris' body. Police asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.Bean was arrested Saturday after police said they received information that he was about to leave the state.

Bean's Friend: There Were Numerous Signs Of Trouble

Bean's friend, Evan Webber, told 6News that he was recently in Bean's home and though something wasn't right." The carpet around the basement area had all been burned, torched and removed, and the bathroom had been painted," Webber said. " He also had deep cuts on his hands." Webber said he knew Bean and Norris had a tumultuous relationship." I asked him even straight to his face, 'Did you kill her?' (He said) 'No.'"

"It's unbelievable," Webber said. "All they need was to never talk to each other again."